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My guide dog, Murphy developed hepatitis. He became very ill, and in kindness to him had to be euthanized. Dr. Gasparro and his staff could not have been kinder. I would sincerely recommend this veterinary office to everyone.

Mary Lucas

I would like to thanks all the staff and Doctors for all the support at this difficult time that I been through out of Blake sickening. Was hard and painfully let my baby go. My experience with this clinic was amazing. Thank you Dr.Nick and thank you.

Roberto Generoso

We moved to the area about a year ago. A few months after we moved Covid shut downs began. My dog needed shots so we waited alittle until restrictions loosened alittle. We were very happy with the staff and doctor. Just this past weekend my dog split his nail pretty bad, and needed to see the vet. We ended up seeing another doctor this time and again we were very happy. Office was very clean, staff and doctors are so nice and helpful. You honestly feel confident that your dog is getting the best. Prices are great too. We have been to other vets that are almost double the price and honestly dont have the love that the doctors and staff have here. I would definitely recommend Flanders Vet!

Amanda Hannon

Always professional, courteous and compassionate. Went there the other day and due to the virus patients need to call, wait in the car, an associate comes out and asks some questions, they take your pet. The dr calls with an update and you check out from the car. The place was packed but so well organized. They have the parking spots numbered and the staff was in and out of the building constantly communicating with all of us. My cardiologist office wasn’t nearly as organized. The Dr was very thorough on the phone and I didn’t feel rushed at all. You could tell they working hard but the way not diminished at all. It was really something they should be proud of. No one was prepared for this but you could never tell here. They should be a model of how things can work!

d l

Great vet with reasonable prices. Unlike my local vet, an appointment at a given times means at that time, not that you get to wait 30 minutes or more. Dr. Lovell is just wonderful. Great attitude and super caring. Cannot say enough good things about him nor the quality of care our pets have received from him. Well worth driving by a whole bunch of vets to go see him.

Howard Schoenberger

Flanders Vet is AMAZING! Have a 15yr old dog, been having complications for a bit. Flanders Vet is right down the road from us, our dog was having complications walking- called the day of NYE, and they told us to come in. Super friendly- so reassuring, and made us feel at home. Definitely one of the best vets office I’ve ever seen!

Marianne Pellek